Wrapped Review (AND a discount code!)

I’ve always made it a point to review things I’m interested in (as opposed to feigning interest in things I could care less about… that’s just pathetic) and to be really critical and honest with my reviews (as opposed to just trying to make people happy). When I was approached by WRAPPED to review designer wrapping paper, I didn’t really know what to think. I use wrapping paper, sure, and with an interest in crafts I use it for a lot more than bundling up gifts for birthdays. However, I had never before even considered the concept of “designer” paper. I mean, what is that? Curiosity lead me to the website¬†and suddenly I was really, really, really excited about the possibilities. I was asked (by the nicest staff ever) which of the varied products (wrapping paper, journals, postcards, notepads, and the list goes on) I was most interested in and when I answered honestly (“I like all the things!”) I was sent the motherload of samples. I was excited when the box was shipped to my door, but when I saw what was inside I nearly imploded with giddy, school-girl delight. I have my work cut out for me, folks, and you’ll be hearing a LOT about this company since I am crazy-impressed.

However, I’ve been knee-deep in fending off the flu while the kiddos came down with it, and so I’m having to break up the crazy-massive-overload post I was originally intending to write as I pulled all kinds of goodies out of that box. Today, we’re going to take a look at the quality of the original product – the wrapping paper.

Before I go any further I want you to check out this collage:

…and now I want you to marvel as I tell you these are just a small sample of the available wrapping paper prints. The detail is crazy. Crazy. It’s not so much a sheet of wrapping paper as it is a giant, stunning, beautiful work of photographic art printed on paper just thin enough to fold around things. My husband has actually pulled certain sheets of the paper aside that I’m not allowed to cut up. He’s going to buy frames for them and hang them in the living room. No joke. I cannot emphasize the detail enough.

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